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Monday Milan Musings

Well another lethargically slow transfer rumor day. I am beginning to wonder if everyone over at the San Siro is asleep. I like slow days because it gives me a chance to ramble aimlessly about everything AC Milan.

-Grazie to Martha for allowing me to remember the glorious day last year where the Azzuri were on top of the world. It was surreal because people were actually shaking my hand and congratulating me at work! It was a very cool experience and booze fest so I was thrilled; my lack of invite to the celebratory anniversary picnic is sham, because everyone knows there is no party without a Milanista…just look at the difference between Champions Cup parade and Scudetto parade.

-Tomorrow is supposedly bid day for G Rossi and I am excited to see how that pans out. I think Man U is willing to sell and in all honestly I would be happy with that buy. I was contemplating a Gila/Rossi pairing today and was quite happy with it. My cousin in the boot calls G Rossi the Italian Messi, I would not go that far but the kid has TONS of upside.

-Former Milan defender Desailly is throwing a charity game with tons of former Rossoneri in action. Those games are blast to watch because every gives a half hearted try at what turns out to be a goal fest. I hope I can snag a video of this one off Sky TV or maybe even Youtube because I think it would be a good one. Desailly was a class guy for Milan and helped the team to tons of success, this retro Adidas ad circa 1998ish sums up his play pretty nicely.