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Playing hard to get

Carlo you sly dog you playing hard to get by telling Henry that he is not the only striker you fancy, especially after he was honored to be mentioned by the club. Everyone knows that Milan summer transfer period is going to be like Pippo Inzaghi’s love life, plenty of attractive options but after all this time there is no commitment. Between the up down relationships with Sheva and Gila, the back and forth courting of Drogba, Eto, and Henry, and the utter disregard for Oliveira I am going to start making odds on who they end up with and take bets on it. My guess is much like last year all this hype will be much to do about nothing.

Gila has settled down on his ranting about leaving, and it is because he heeded the advice of Pippo to stay at the club. What is it that Pippo can’t do he scores goals, gets the ladies, and convinces disgruntled teammates to stay at the club. Only if he could score on 80% percent of his chances then he will truly be the most amazing man on earth. I do not know how true this Gila rumor is because the club had tagged him with a 17M price tag, you don’t usually put a price on your man if you had no intent to sell him.

Congrats to Ambrosini for getting minutes in Italy’s win over Lithuania. The side had a bit less of Rossoneri tint with Gattuso on the bench but I thought they played well. Perrotta filled Totti’s shoes nicely and Oddo did well up and down the flank helping to open up shooting lanes for Quagliarella’s goals, which by the way were top class.