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The Don Speaks

Former Milan man, and Azzurri coach Roberto Donadoni has hit out at Micheal Platini who has said that if he was the Azzurri coach he would not have allowed such a long sabbatical for Francesco Totti. It is hard to deny that Totti had a great year and is in great form despite the rods in his leg. The Don was not happy with Platini's comment and sarcastically said that his current position is not really conducive to making coaching decisions.

I want to see the best Azzurri team on the field like many fans, but I have to say that The Don may not have Totti in high esteem because he has not pushed the matter of bringing him back to the blue. I am unsure of Totti's issues off the field, but he has never looked like the type of player to mesh with the group and maybe Donadoni understands this. He was also very clear in the fact that the 22 players he has called upon need to take care of the task at hand to climb the group grid.

The Don has done well in his tenure especially when it comes to the media, he seems to handle the barbs quite well and his thick skin is going to go a long way in a tough media ring. His results on the field will come, but as a manager of the World Champions he has done well to deflect the press from the team and stir the pot at the same time. I hope tomorrow's result proves succesful so The Don stays in favor.