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Gila wants out, Oddo apologizes

Gilardino has said he can not guarantee a Milan stay if Ancelotti does not have faith in his abilities. I understand where he is coming from because not all strikers can fly in like Pippo and score huge goals, Gila wants time with the first team to get into groove. I do not think that he has played all that bad in his two years with the club, and I feel this year was a bad example with the injuries to his ankle and head. If was the Milan brass I would not be to quick to sell especially if it is to a big rival, a move could be justifiable if it involved a young Italian striker like Quagliarella.

Oddo apologized for his gaff Saturday that led to a Faroe Island goal. A very noble remark from a very good defender, he also stated that Italy toyed to long with Faroe and did not kill them off as they should have. Many oppurtunities were missed on Saturday, Lithuania may not be so lucky this Wednesday. I am pretty certain that Oddo will get the start and if Zambrotta is healthy he may get the nod over Tonetto but either one would be fine.