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As the Sheva Turns

As AC Milan blogger it is my duty to post a contradictory Shevchenko rumor every single week. This week it seems that Andry wants another shot at Chelsea. How nice of him to want to prove himself to Chelsea, Mourinho and the rest of crew; I wonder if Mourinho feels the same way about giving his pricey striker another chance. This could just be a smart PR move so that he can blame a transfer back to Milan on Mourinho and Ambramovic not wanting him at Chelsea anymore, but do you think the Russian oil tycoon wants to give up so quickly on the man he fought and paid dearly to bring to Stamford Bridge. It is beginning to look like this transfer is going to become a bit of a soap opera involving a lot of cash, some nagging from the wife, and certain bald club owner who named Sheva the godfather of his child. Forget Beckham moving to LA this is a drama for the ages.

Milan will desperately have to do something to get a striker this summer because as Bob pointed, Gila is not exactly a fan favorite. Milan has said that Henry would not be a bad addition which means they have now officially targeted every famous striker in Europe. I personally can do without Henry who has been off form since last year and is not exactly the youngest striker out there. Other than the great Desailly, Milan have not exactly done well with French players, the last few big names, Ibrahim Ba and Christian Dugarry did very little for the club. Maybe Trezguet can be lured away from Juve instead? Either way the transfers are heating up and if Milan does not act they will be caught strikerless like last summer when all they were able to add was Oliviera, and we all know how good he was.