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Saturday Afternoon Hangover, it was a long night

While ordering his employees around it seemed that Berlusconi publicly demanded that Adriano be brought to him. Hopefully it is to plan a party and not to play striker for the Rossoneri. Has Berlusconi lost his mind! Could it be that he forgot this World Cup and still thinks the Brazilians are world champions so he just demands for them on a whim. When he starts demanding for Pele or worse Dunga, I am out.

Speaking of Brazilians, Emerson, or the Puma as he has been known (more like old cat in my eyes), is finally cleared to leave Madrid. He had his medical way back in May and he apparently did not fail due to old age and baldness so he may be at the San Siro…please help me restrain my excitement.

Alexandre Pato continues to be a hot and heavy target the club but Chelsea is in the same war so things could get ugly. I am unsure of this Pato character but have heard good things, you can be the judge. If he does not work than we can put out a bid for Cassano who stated just last January that he did not want to play for Milan. Talentino needs boundaries and he can not be to close to Adriano and the Inter guys or else he turns into some strange mixture of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan party animal. I can see the tabloids now, "Cassano meets Adriano, Women’s tops fall off across Milan". Well maybe it’s not all that bad.

On a non sarcastic and whiny note today, Milan is eyeing Enzo Maresca on a move from Spain, but I can not see a talented young Italian wanting to sit on a bench with Emerson. If they could bring him in it would be great but he can not end up in a glut of midfielders who barely see minutes. The midfield is a competitive spot and I have no doubt he is talented but will Carletto play him in over his precious Brazilians or everyone’s favorite eye line wearing Frenchman, Gourcuff.