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Rossoneri in Blue, and Yellow

The Don fielded four Milanista’s on Saturday it what turned out to be lackluster performance. My Roman amico, Chris, and I had delusions of grandeur for this game against the measly Faroe Islands but they never quite panned out. The Azzurri blew many chances as always but Pippo was able to nail down another brace in a second consecutive game, to get a 2-1 win. Both goals were in Pippo pure fashion, the ultimate cherry picker, if scored on all his decent chances it would have been a blow out but he has always been a low percentage guy.

Gattuso and Pirlo played well but lacked that bite we have seen in the past; this is probably due to the long season and the huge emotional high that they are coming off after the past few weeks. The midfield was not a huge issue because Italy dominated most of the game but the lack of finishing was an issue with Pippo and even Lucarelli who could have had a brace of his own.

Oddo played a great game with a lot of pace on the flank but ultimately ended up looking silly on the F Islands lone goal with a mistimed leap. The entire back line looked good but I can not help but think how much stronger it would have been with Nesta in his current form, I am sure Captain Canna missed his old pal on those centering crosses.

The Don will have to get more out of his team on Wednesday, a win is a must and a few goals would not hurt either. The 4-3-3 worked well and I hope they stick to it.

Kaka was also in action this weekend in the friendly versus England. He played much longer than I expected and at times he looked as though his feet were too heavy for his body. The game was a pretty boring affair with Brazil drawing even in stoppage time.