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Can You Believe This!

This is a list of players who have snubbed AC Milan during this transfer window:

Suazo - good riddance
Abidal - didn't your old frenchness anyway.
Eto - snub or not, he may still be on the way.
Sheva - poor baby still wants to prove himself at Chelsea
Tevez - didn't actually snub, but prefers Inter

I mean is there some kind of plague at the Rossoneri camp, did we not just win the Champions League? Maybe the old age of the team portrays them as not fun partiers like Inter? Could it be that we have to many Italians/Brazilians so no one likes us? I mean geez I am a nervous wreck, I feel like I am part of club that no one likes or is ashamed of, like Juventus fans, MLS groupies or USMNT supporters.