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I don't hate Brazilians

It looks like my old friend Leonardo, Milan’s Brazilian scouting specialist, is at again. This time is he looking at strikers Fred and Pato Alexandre. I do not understand why Milan has to scour the globe for Brazilian talent, when there is plenty established Brazilian talent such as Robinho or Diego that we have let pass in the past. I know at times I can sound a bit xenophobic or down right angry towards Brazilian, but I find it very hard to justify bringing Brazilian youth talent instead of Italian, don’t get me wrong I even like some Brazilians, but way back in 1994 I made myself a promise.

In 1994 the Azzuri were on the same ground as us here in the United States to compete for the World Cup, on that squad were five Milan starters. At the time I was a very impressionable eleven year old who loved Baresi and company, and fortunate enough to go to Pasadena. As we all know Italy lost to Brazil that day and I was forced to watch Baresi hand the captain’s armband to Maldini, both in tears. It was on that day I promised myself that I would respect Brazilians, but never favor them over Azzuri.

It is this little story that has made me who I am today and I always hope to return to the pride that Milan had in the nineties where they were a virtual feeding ground for the National Team. At this point I am rambling but I am just asking to start scouting some quality Italians instead of growing a better Brazilian team.

A bit of good news is that Oliviera is on the outs and I wish him the best of luck somewhere far, far, away.