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Abbiati to Atletico, Torres to AC Milan??

Milan has confirmed a one-year loan deal of Abbiati to Atletico Madrid. I am glad that he is not rotting behind Dida on the AC Milan bench, and that he will find regular action in Spain. I just hope Milan wisens up soon and takes Abbiati home and sends Dida packing, a fundamental job of a goalie is to CATCH crosses. Dida has not embraced this for a season or two, so his contract extension was a bit odd but I am officially hating now so I will stop.

I would like to stir the pot and hypothesize as to why Milan would send Abbiati to Atletico for a seemingly free transfer? Could it be that Milan are greasing the wheels for a swoop of Spanish World Cup hero and Cristiano Ronaldo wannabe, Fernando Torres! Milan could definitely use the striker help and I do not see why Torres could not fit that bill. He is also very young and would add a nice measure of excitement along side Kaka. Milan could then play a lone striker, Gila or Big Ron, and then slot Torres and Kaka behind them. Damn I need to Ancellotti’s job and fast. This move has yet to be rumored and is purely the conjuring of my idle mind at work, but it does not seem all that crazy now does it?