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Monday's Happenings

In a perfect world the Suazo to Inter and Henry to Barca deals would mean that Milan have an open door to Eto or maybe even Tevez. I have made it quite clear that Tevez would be a great signing with tons of upside, but there is more important matters at hand. The Rossoneri really need to save face and make a huge splash in this transfer market with a big hit for a striker. I know that most Milan’s fans big hit would be Ronaldinho, but there are more economical choices to better the team on all sides of the ball. There is absolutely no reason that Milan could not make a quality investment for Tevez and Zambrotta at some point in the next few weeks.

Some other player news:

Abbiati has said that he would prefer to stay at Torino so that he can continue to play regularly. I would like to congratulate Abbiati for this excellent decision because at some point when everyone at the San Siro realizes that Dida is not all that good they can call Abbiati back with plenty of games under his belt. Only Milan could work a Brazilian keeper instead of an Italian, who can easily be on the National Team, in the second goalkeeper spot, at some point in the future.

Milan have sparked discussions with Parma for midfielder Luca Cigarini. Wikipedia likens Cigarini’s style of play to Pirlo, making this an excellent and intelligent (for once) move for Milan. Where better to learn the art of Pirlo than from Pirlo himself, Cigarini could slot in as a sub or even to the left of Pirlo allowing the players to shift forward and back…my excitement is high on Luca. I cannot wait for this move to develop further.

On a side note I would like to congratulate the US Men’s national team for their Gold Cup. Great goal by Felhaber, that strike should definitely make a highlight reel somewhere. What I would like to ask the US Soccer Association is why on Earth are you not sending this same team to the Copa America? The Copa America would be a huge stepping-stone towards gaining some respect in global competition; instead you are sending a B-team that will most likely get demolished by Argentina, among others, and shell shocked in the process. The Gold Cup is great, but it is about time to step up against the big boys…

(Disclaimer: I am huge fan of the Azzuri and always will be, but it is important that we show support for the USMNT because if we don’t then who will. Yesterdays game was sell out of MEXICAN FANS!!! It is a disgrace, and the coverage and support is as well, from local newscasts to ESPN, it is embarrassing. I can’t wait to watch the US-Argentina on Thursday bad or not the boys need the support.)