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Saturday Morning Hangover

Well as I stared bloodshot eyed at my laptop and read that my beloved Rossoneri have pulled out of the Suazo deal, I am feeling mixed emotions (or chicken wings and beer). I am actually a little bit embarrased that this went over the way it did. I mean Galliani and company really look foolish to lose this deal the way they did, and to think it had to be to the "classiest bunch of guys in the city" (the quotes mean I am lying).

As a fan you just have to hope and wish that the front office of your club is not a bunch of morons, and while this mess unfolded those same morons lost TH14 to BARCA. Its time to throw a suitcase full of money at Eto, even though rumors point to Ronaldinho. Eto is much more coveted for the starting eleven than Ronaldinho, but if Kaka leaves things will get interesting very interesting.

Congrats to Oddo for winning the very prestigious and sought after Rocky Marciano award. The award is given to the greatest athlete of the Abruzzo region in Italy, but don't get to greedy Massimo because you are sharing the award with cyclist Danilo Di Luca. In college I wrote my senior final on boxing and the great Rocky Marciano, and not once did they mention an award in his honor, whats even stranger is the that the Rock was born in the US, Brockton MA to be exact. Which is apparently located square in the Abruzzo region of Italy.