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The Pitfalls of an AC Milan Blogger...

Well it seems that every time I post something another story pops up to refute my claims. During all this up and down my heart bounces like a ping pong ball, because I am still a fan of AC Milan and want the best for my team.

As I sit here at work, I am going a bit insanse wondering what on Earth is going to happen next(this means my menial desk job is going unattended). I am beggining to wonder if I can post absurd things, and then have them be negated through media outlets like Football Italia, and then further negated to eventually become true. For example if I say that Milan has reached an agreement with Drogba for next season, someone can refute that statement and then someone else can say "OH MY it looks at though Milan have come through with a deal for Drogba" you can see I have LOST MY MIND.

Latest news on the Suazo nightmare is that there was some contractual clause that has released him to Inter. I am fed up at this point and just want to tell David to GO ALREADY!! I just can not understand why you would want to wear that hideous black and blue, its the same color as a bruise for god's sake, instead of the Rossoneri. While you read this post I am drowning myself in Heineken wondering why the Milan brass are morons enough to make these mistakes.