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Seedorf Talks about AC Milan

People forget that Clarence Seedorf is one of the most decorated players in the history of European football he has won Champion's Cups with Ajax, Real Madrid, and Milan as well as countless league cups and titles. At times he has not been my favorite Milanista but I can not stress enough how important he was in this Champions League Campaign.

In a recent interview with , Clarence briefly describes his European travels as well as his opinion on his Milan team and teamates. The one quote that stuck out was about Maldini being the face and attitude of the club, "The tangible assets are that they still have players like Maldini running around, what an example he is of what it is to be a Milan player still." It looks everyone holds the captain in the highest regard. Great interview from Soccernet and Seedorf who is always well spoken and never dissapoints when he is in the public eye.