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Milan Musings

There is a quiet eery calmness that I feel will not last forever regard this Suazo matter. Inter is definitely fuming and in Moratti’s fit of rage in which he claimed Suazo had already signed may cause the club to incur some sanctions. Suazo, who was still under contract with Cagliari, would not be able to sign a contract until he is released. An investigation has been begun which means a bunch of FIGC cronies are bumping heads until someone can find some real evidence to see what needs to be done next. Inter and Suazo may face a sanction but the way this summer is going for Inter, they may the only ones with penalties to really worry about.

Fiorentina has claimed that they are not interested in Gila who has further pledged his love the RossoneriGILA LOVES MILAN, AND MILAN LOVES HIM. I would much rather see him in purple than that hideous zebra black white but only a 17M will determine that outcome.

Milan has gone Mourinho, Call my Lawyer, on the Spanish press and are claiming that the lovely picture of Ricky Kaka "celebrating" the Madrid win is GASP a fake. The guy likes Real Madrid it is not secret because he has said it before and if he wants to go then fine, but just so everyone at Real knows it will cost a few suitcases of cash, maybe 75-80M worth and I would like Robinho, but that’s just me. Lets get some opinions on which Madrista you would pull out of the Galacticos buffet…