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Gilardino Sparking Some Interest

Alberto Gilardino is drawing interest from both Juventus and Fiorentina. Even though Milan and Gila claimed that there is no intention to part ways, that usually translates to a sale or transfer is on the horizon. I have never harbored any ill will towards Gila who I feel has had some bad luck with injuries from head to toe since coming the San Siro. I also admire his desire to play and find a place where he will get that playing time. I sometimes get frustrated with Seria A coaches who play foreigners over Azzuri players, how can the national team succeed with this type of mentality.

Wherever he goes, not barring any injuries, he will probably slot into the starting eleven. Fiorentina though has come up 7M short of the 17M price tag that Milan have set, this leaves the door opened for the the dreaded old lady, Juventus. Gila was a Juve fan boy so it may fill him with glee to go to Torino, but I hope Milan is a bit shrewd in letting a quality striker go to their rivals. Let’s not forget Milan may need Gila if this Suazo mess goes south as fast as its starting out to. By the way would it hurt to tell Fiorentina that 10M is to low for Gila, but is more than enough for Oliveira? Heck, we can even give them some money if they take the bum.