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Someone get Moratti a tissue

As I expected Inter will not go down without a fight in this Suazo transfer. It is official it can be with player agent, Cagliari director and AC Milan announcing the transfer. I have to admit it looked pretty official last week when Suaz was supposed to move to Inter. It is clear that Suazo has yet to put ink on any piece of paper, red/black or blue/black since he has been on holiday since the end of Seria A, and was left out of Honduran national team duty due to injury.

The Milan brass are insistent that they did not make this deal to spite Inter and that talks have been ongoing for awhile, I remember first hearing about this a bit in May but never gave it any thought due to the relatively low profile of Suazo even around Seria A. This whole mess reminds a lot of last year when Milan were hot and heavy for Zlatan but did not pull the trigger, it looks like Inter are now at fault for not pulling the trigger on Suazo.

This move, (I will not consider it official until I see Suazo in red and black, on a field at San Siro, I am very skeptical of the magic of Photoshop), will cause quite a chain reaction that will probably keep Eto at Barco or to England, and Tevez will surely be on the San Siro dark side shortly. There is no way whiny pants, Moratti, will let this go without throwing down a ton of cash to for Tevez to counter the move. He may also throw down some legal action because he is claiming to Channel 4 that Suazo was already signed which is absurd seeing that the player was not in the area to make that deal.

As a Milan fan I am happy with deal because the player has a solid amount of experience in the league and seems to play hard every time he is on the pitch. His cost was also not astronomical leaving room for more moves, even though we were unable to unload Oliviera on Cagliari. They requested Borriello instead, and I am glad Milan hung on to him. This move reminds me a lot of when Scheva and Weah were brought in as relative mysteries who found tons of success at the San Siro. Maybe Suazo will rekindle that striker magic, no welcome to team just yet though. I will let a few more days play out before I order my Suazo jersey from