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What are they Thinkin?!?

It would be lie if I did not say how befuddled I was at this transfer period for the Rossoneri. I have absolutely no idea what anyone is thinking in that front office this June. From the Sheva debacle, to the Ronaldinho disaster, and Eto snub, can it really be possible that a wealthy and successful club can not get their act together to make the team better and ideally younger.

It appears that some of the AC Milan core squad: Maldini and Gattuso included, would not necessarily welcome Sheva back with open arms. This is a strange report and as a big time follower of the club I can believe it on one end, but not so much on the other. I understand that Maldini and Gattuso, in my opinion two of the most important Rossoneri in past years, are right in saying that they would not be hugging and kissing Sheva on his return because those are two players with staunch loyalty to the club, who believe he should have never left in the first place. I also can say that they would probably be happy to have him back if he pledged the last years of his career to the red and black and allowed them the success they had when he was at the San Siro. There is no doubt that Berlusconi wants his "adopted son" back in the fold but it may not be as easy with the Chelsea road block. It would be hard for Mourinho and company to give up so quickly on their huge investment with guys like Drogba and Kalu being out of action during the African Nations Cup next year, rumors are rumors, but facts play a huge part as well.

The Barca boy mess will finally pull together with the end of La Liga today, which I am extremely excited about. GOL TV has done a great job with their coverage and I look forward to more split screen action today. I am almost certain that if Barca wins La Liga the team will not be torn apart so quickly, because of their desire to get back to Champions League form. On the other hand if Real loses the fire sale may be huge and they will probably make a push for Kaka. If the money is right I am OK with the sale of Ricky, but his loyalty is to the club (and Jesus) is appreciated and he may solidify his spot on the squad for a long time if he snubs that move.

That leaves lonely Thierry Henry who stated in the Cleveland last week, while watching his bud Tony Parker win the NBA title, that he was pretty sure that Arsenal would move him for the right price, and if it was for the better of the squad. He is quite the team player and I thought the comment was extremely noble, would Milan make a move for him if all else fails? They would be dumb not to but he did not mention Milan in the comments.

Milan have also said that they are not actively shopping for midfielders because they want to find more time for players like Gourcuff, I am OK with that decision as well but would much prefer a move for an Azzurini or a return of Donati into the fold to strengthens Milan’s place as a National team provider.

A little off topice but I just want to remind everyone to watch the US in the Gold Cup Semifinal they are OUR national team and they deserve support from us yanks, even though our love resides in the boot. I was at the game yesterday and the atmosphere was awesome and the product on the field was not so bad either.