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Why not Tevez?

I would like to make a few observations about the Carlos Tevez move to Inter after some discussion with RealJohn and others on a prior post. Tevez would be a great target for AC Milan with huge upside, youth, and brimming with confidence but it is almost as there is negative interest in bringing West Ham’s hero to San Siro. His name has not popped up in a single rumor posting for Milan anywhere.

When it comes to South America Milan have a very strong relationship with Brazil and they even currently continue to employ former winger Leonardo as a scout of Brazilian youth talent, it was Leonardo who discovered and assisted in bringing Kaka to Milan. With this strong relationship it seems as though many other South Americans, specifically Argentineans are consistently left out of Milan’s wheeling’s and dealing’s. Seria A has always had a strong Argentine presence with Maradona early on and now an almost full starting eleven at Inter. This is why it seems only logical for Tevez to end up at Inter where Mancini barks orders in Italian that are then translated to Spanish for all of the South Americans on roster. I do feel bad for both Tevez and Suazo because they are going to be slotted into a striker traffic jam, but I can not see a guy like Tevez who is on the up swing be OK with sitting on the bench. There is a strong possibility that Inter loosens up the striker pool but right now Morratti is really throwing everyone for a loop.