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Guess who is back in the Rumor Mill

No it is not Sheva, but I am sure he will get some news in the next few days. Ronaldinho's situation at Barca has become a bit tense. The negotations with the club are not going as well as all parties would like and Ronaldinho did not attend the game Sunday or even bother to stay at practice this week. This is not a new thing at Barcelona if you remember this happened a during the winter with Eto as well. This will not really raise 'Dinho's stock with Barcelona, and will definetly raise the salivation level of Silvio Berlusconi.

Also in today's news of the weird Milan have been in contact with former Rossoneri Ibrahim Ba, to maybe bring back the 34 year old back for a second tour. Ba, who you may remember as a bleached blonde, is recovering from ankle surgery and has always remained a fan of AC Milan even going to the Champions cup final in Athens. Sorry for my lack of excitement but this is just STUPID, I am fan still where is my contract.