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Gila and company say it was all a big misunderstanding and the 17M price tag and the Juventus rumors are all rubbish. Football Italia who reported that Gila is no longer for sale, decided to just spice things up a bit by stating that Zambrotta to Milan is a definite NO GO, Zambrotta is happy at Barca and Barca are happy with him.

This Zambrotta rumor is very interesting because it clear that Milan fancy a running mate for Oddo and who better than the other Azzuri fullback. The strange thing is that Milan have not really rumored or inappropriately suggested any other players under contract. If they wanted to stay Italian they could certainly make an attempt for Grosso who will probably not get much playing time until he applies for his Argentinean citizenship. I do not see why Milan cannot go after young defensive talent within Seria A, I even caught wind today they were going to make offer to Roberto Carlos!??! before his move to Febernache. If Zambrotta is unattainable it is time to shift interest elsewhere

Lastly from a spanish source I HOPE ITS NOT TRUE,if anyone in Italy is reading this I need the name of the doctor that Emerson has a "scheduled medical" with on Monday. That Doc needs to be forced to conjure up some sort of groin, knee, or old man problem that does not allow him to join the team…AM I THE ONLY ROSSONERI THAT THINKS THIS IS A BAD MOVE?!?! Who can he possibly slot in for: Gattuso, Ambrosini, or Brocchi, those guys deserve the time way more than Emerson ever will…I am not happy. All Doctor's numbers are welcome.