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Uncomfirmed player quotes are the greatest

AC MILAN ONLINE has two unconfirmed quotes today from Emerson and Amelia.

It looks as though El Puma has told his good friend Cafu that they will be lining up together at the San Siro. As I have said in past posts I am not all that thrilled with this move seeing that Emerson is up in age, and has had a few nagging injuries both this season and last. Some good may come from this becuase Milan can supposedly unload Oliviera to the Galacticos in this move, I am unsure why Cappello would take on the striker who showed nothing for Milan this season.

Amelia has stated that he may stay at Livorno because many of the top clubs in Italy have solid goalkeepers. He was keen on a Milan move but the Dida extension ended those talks. Milan also still own the rights to Abbiati, should they opt for his return services. I am sure Amelia could garner interest outside of Italy, but it looks as though he does not want to venture out of the boot.