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Monday Musings

It looks as though TH14 (Thierry Henry) will not be signing for the Rossoneri because he has inked a three-year deal with the Barca boys. This is good news because it makes Milan’s transfer target Eto all the more attainable. I would certainly prefer Eto over Henry and he may be a little less costly leaving money open for other transfers. The over key point to the Eto deal is to hopefully try and lure Zambrotta over to the San Siro as well. My mouth waters at the thought of Zambrotta and Oddo pushing forward and whipping in crosses, it would look like the Milan of old with Tassotti and Maldini running the wings.

Simic is rumored to be on the outs with Marseille looking to make a bid for the role-playing defender. I hate seeing defenders leave but he deserves to play and has fallen in the depth chart at Milan; a move is fine by me.

Portugese midfielder Tiago apparently is a target for Milan and Juve (everyone is target the for the Zebras). I can do without, he had a great World Cup last year but he just does not fit in well. I understand that Carlo and company see Seedorf as an aging midfielder but Tiago is not exactly the answer, but then again neither is Gourcuff so something does need to be done to fill in the left midfield spot.

The Milan-Inter war of words has turned another corner this time with Ronaldo calling nerazzuri fan ingrates. I tend to agree, but this will not be well received by anyone over at Inter FC. Ronaldo says he was hurt emotionally in 2002 and has never experienced such treatment in his whole life, following the loss of the scudetto on the last day of the season. He said that he now has a new lease on life and feels greatly appreciated by his new teammates. All I can say is toughen up big boy because if your skills go south you may be subject to the same treatment.