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People, can we try and straighten out the rumor mill

I would like to a minute to address the rampant Rossoneri rumor mill that has spun endlessly this week. A lot of present and even former players have been heating up the Milan moves this week:

Gilardino: Is rumored to be on the move to either Juve or even the Viola of Fiorentina. I can justify Milan parting with Gila who even in a sub-par season had a few quality for Milan. His playing time was quite sporadic this year due to injuries and I hate to see the brass give up on him so soon unless it means a HUGE transfer team if he is going to a big rival.

Kaka: Is flattered by the Galacticos advances and quite frankly I would say go if there was a way to get Robinho in the deal. I would not mind Canavarro as well but who wouldn’t.

Emerson: Not so crazy about this rumor, so let him stay where he is.

Edmilson: Would not be a terrible edition, especially if we lose Kaladze to Chelsea. I would prefer a younger player but defense is always welcomed.

Sheva: Is closer to happening than many people think, many of my amici in the boot have said that the Sheva news is rampant and discussions are constantly ongoing even though they appear to have been postponed. The Inter rumor may be a ploy to bring up Milan’s bid for fear of his move to the city rivals. Sheva does strike me as a bit of an ultra who may not move to Inter out of shear respect for his ex-mates.

Ronaldinho: His rumors have cooled because of his desire to stay at Barca and I think the brass, despite Berlusconi’s man crush, can get more for their money on this deal.

Eto: This seems like a much more realistic move especially if Gila moves out. I am wary of his ability to coexist with Sheva though, even though Sheva turned Drogba into a super stiker because of all the attention he took off him.

That’s all for now, but I want to say congrats to Carletto on his new contract. I will be first to admit I called for his head in December but I thank him for all that he has done in the past, present, and now future. (I will probably call for his head again in no time.)