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Sir Alex Drinking to Milan?

The confidence from Gattuso, Seedorf and Cafu is extremely refreshing. I am actually happy that most of the Rosoneri have taken an "It was a fluke" attitude towards the nightmarish night in Istanbul, I would be happy to debate that night with anyone at any given moment. It is extremely fitting that Milan will be able to play Liverpool again to erase that terrible night and replace it with a victory.

I am glad that they have taken a supremely confident attitude leading up to this game; I hope that the Anfield faithful are reading this as we speak and resigning themselves to their Silver medals. In fact even Sir Alex Ferguson himself has given Milan the vow of confidence, he will even drink to the performance and eventual victory.

I am not saying that Milan is guaranteed to win on May 23rd in Athens, but it is hard to argue with all the signs of a steamrolling team going into this game for more than just victory, but for a bit of vengeance as well.