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The Rumor Mill Continues...

Today Sammie Eto has joined the long list of Milan targets for a summer transfer. If talks with Barcelona continue we may even get a buy two get one free deal and sneak Messi in with Eto and Ronaldinho. I sometimes just shake my head at these far fetched rumors. If they were all true Barcelona would losing the following in the Summer transfers:

Messi to Inter
Eto to Milan
Deco to Inter
Ronaldinho to Milan

Do you really think Barcelona would allow any of that to happen. The only two that have a remote possibility if leaving are Eto, because of the spat with the Coach and teamates, and Deco, because Inter loves to buy elder Portugese midfielders playing in Spain (You will all learn that I will take cheap shots at Figo whenever possible). I understand that rumors are meant to be rumors but some of them are just getting to be laughable (check LA Galaxy blog on Barthez). Last year Milan had tons of rumors flying around and when the dust cleared all the Rosoneri got was Ricardo Oliveira, my new attitude is let us wait and see because the only thing that I think will happen will be a Sheva return.