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I do not think Ringhio's perfomance yesterday could be summed up in words. He literally made the midfield his, while making certain that CRonaldo was suffocated on every single attack. It was a perfomance that should be seen and remembered from die hards and casual fans alike, but like all of Gattuso's best games it is usually overshadowed by goal glory on this night, in the form of Seedorf. I will admit that early in the season I was calling for the benching of the Dutchman, but in 2007 there have been few better players than Clarence. Really a masterpiece out of the Milan midfield duo.

On the other side of the ball it looked as though Man U was lost in defensive, counter attack mindset and did not have any chance in getting out of it. Rooney looked intense on the attack but there is very little he could do on his own without a supporting cast, it certainly did not look like a team confident and seeking a win. Milan's defense which was nicely anchored by Nesta and Kaladze only allowed a few shots on Dida, who believe it or not ladies and gentelman actually caught some crosses. I am so happy that Ancellotti went with the experienced Kaladze and was greatly rewarded, I can not help but think what would have happened in Manchaster had the K man played instead of Bonera.

As a Milan fan I can not wait until these boys get there hands on Liverpool to exact some sweet revenge, but a part of me feels sorry for the fellas of Anfield. Since Istanbul the rage has been stewing in Milan and I can not help but think the game will end 27-0 in favor of the Rosoneri.

Check back for my recounting of that dark, desolate, dreary Istanbul night, and a preview of the 2007 Athens version.