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Moving to Madrid

Well it looks as though San Siro brass is getting a taste of their own medicine. Real Madrid continue to inappropriately court Kaka, a bit similar in fashion to the way Milan have lusted over Ronaldinho. Milan blew the whistle on the Galacticos because of their poor past relations, they almost deserve Barca doing the same them.

I would have to admit I am not completely against a Kaka move to Real Madrid. I understand that he is capable of flashes of amazing touch and speed, but in the same vain he is guilty of disappearing from games and being unable to remove himself from good defensive marking. I am appreciative of all he has done for the club especially this Champions League run but I am OK with his departure if Galliani and company were able to get Canavarro and Robinho out of the deal. Cassano has already denied a moved a to Milan so he can go where he pleases, but it would be nice to reunite Nesta and Canavarro. I feel that Robinho has a ton of upside and is much more versatile than Cappello has proved in his lineups. A lot of the early talks are also mentioning Emerson if the move took place, but my feelings toward that move are ice cold. It looks like it falls to the hands of the potential European player of the year winner, Kaka, who has even stated that he would not mind a move to Madrid…