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The final day

The season did not end so well in the Seria A, but it did not start well either. Many times on Sunday it looked as though Milan was a cat toying with a mouse, but had no intention of finishing the mouse off AT ALL. Milan has been known to give favors to relegation teams before and Sunday looked a bit like it. Take nothing from Reggina because they attacked and stood their ground for the 90. Amoruso’s goal was nothing short of spectacular and the Reggi boys certainly earned their win.

On the Red and Black side (they wore white I know) Borriello looked almost Lentini like at times on Sunday, but his lack of minutes this season showed especially in his finishing. I hope Milan keep him going especially if Pippo retires and Oliveira is shipped off. Ronaldo, a big surprise start, looked good but his finishing was also suspect. It was clearly a B side Milan team with very few winning intentions, I wish the game had showcased more youth but Carlo did right by his team by resting them after a big win in Athens. Stay tuned for season recap.