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You can take your scudetto...

Insert whatever you want there, but those few words that Massimo Ambrosini help up on a sign at the Champions League parade has sparked a bit of a quarrel between the two Milan's. I love a good rivalry on the pitch, but great rivalries have to spill over and instill utter hatred in your opponents. These two teams have always been heated but this is amazing, the verbal battles have gone up and down the rosters from coaches to players to directors. It is only a matter time until Milan signs Zizou so that Materazzi can get himself butted one more time....its a joke but its been so long I thought it was worth making.

It looks like Zlatan has gotten in the mix as well actually taunting his current employers saying, "Inter did not have the class that Juve had when they won the scudetto or the great team character either." Those are big words coming from man who wants a raise to 5.5M, Milan would certainly be interested but Inter would be asking a TON of money for walking papers to the same city. I am curious to see this play out.