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I will try and update as many of the rumors as possible throughout the summer transfer persion, I stress try because that would mean I would have to mention every player worth anything in a rumor to Milan. I will also give my opion on the potential move as well.

Emerson- Apparently Milan and El Puma have agreed to a deal because Carletto wants the ol'man Emerson at his disposal. Quite frankly I would say leave him alone, even as a sub he provides very little use when Ambrosini can fill that role very efficiently. I am also partial to Italians keeping thier jobs on the Rosoneri.

Zambrotta- Who I would consider a welcome addition after the Jankuloski stinker on Wednesday has apparently stated that there will be no move to Milan. Hopefully they can sway him otherwise so that he and Oddo can reek havoc on the wings....OH HOW AMAZING THAT WOULD BE.

Eto- He has also snubbed a Milan move especially if Sheva is coming back. I would much prefer the Ukranian back because of his past pedigree but a new Striker is a must for the Champs.