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Second Time Around

After watching the game for a second time I was able to watch with my nerves rattling my brain and better able to digest the game. Liverpool truly had some class perfomances with Mascherano and Riise truly negating Kaka and Seedorf in the attacking third. The only person the Liverpool faithful is their own Rafa Benitez, I did not feel that he put his team in a position to win the game, he only had them set up to control it. It is imperative than when attacking as strongly as they did they in the first 25 minutes that you score so that your cautious set up becomes an asset instead of a hinderance.

On the flip side Milan recieved stunning perfomances from Nesta, Oddo (only defensivley), and Ambrosini. Gattuso and Seedorf were absolute non factors and I felt as though Ambrosini was able to control some of the midfield and get the ball through the midfield when neccesary. It almost seemed like Milan had a power of will to overcome the onslaught and take more control of the tempo and game when neccesary.

On a lighter note it seems as though Gattuso has promised to "go as blonde as Beckham" if Milan won the Champions Cup, I will have pictures as soon as see the bleach blonde Rino.