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Gerrard you Never Learn

The banter continues between Milan and Liverpool, specifically Gerrard and Gattuso on this eve of the Champions League Final. As a Milan fan I have a simple question to ask Steven Gerrard, who is a fantastic and highly respected player. "Why on earth would you pick on Gattuso who seems to look for an excuse to get fired up?" If you are going to pick on him do not challenge him to stop you if he can, do I need to remind you that a player named Cristiano Ronaldo who in some circles (the Premiership) is considered way better that you, was rendered useless by the little man from Milan. I like good smack talk as much as anyone, but in this case Mr. Gerrard you may have bitten off a bit more than you can chew.

Check back for a full match preview, I am still waiting on potential lineups from Rafa and Carletto.