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Screw Sheva, I WANT DROGBA

I caught wind of an interesting story today linking the Rosoneri with Didier Drogba. For me this story was almost way to good to be true, when Sheva jumped ship I had hoped that Galliani and company would have enough brainpower to try and get Drogba in return,but no such luck. It is rather ironic that Drogba then went on to overshadow Sheva in all aspects of the season and may even overshadow his potential (but always denied return to the San Siro).

There are very few strikers playing now with Drogba’s talent and ultimate potential. He would slot in perfectly in front of Kaka and would allow Ronaldo and others the ability to create while he cleaned up the goals. His needless dives and acting would also go extremely rewarded and as a big time fan I would have to say I am OK with that as of right now.

I can not wait for this rumor to materialize further, and if anyone has anything further please let me before I prepare the creation of my AC Milan jersey with Drogba on the back.