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Billy's Last Ride

Today was Costacurta's farewell game against Udinese and it was an interesting one at that. He was given the start and slipped into an almost midfield role, which kept him involved on both sides of the ball. It was also fitting that in his last game he did something he rarely did in his whole career, and that was to score a goal. It was a nice gesture by the Rosoneri to let him take the kick and he sent DeSanctis the wrong way for a nice PK finish. Seven scudetti, a few Champions Cups, and some quality national team time rounded out a great career for Number 5.

Lost in the mushy emotional goodbye were terrible perfomances from Oliveira (AGAIN), Grimi, and Borriello. Borriello and Oliviera were non-factors upfront for ninety minutes; I swear that Oliveira is trying to not score. Grimi was a flailing disaster in the back and was caught out of place way to many times. Gourcuff did show some promise but it was sporadic, he needs to find consistency if he is going to slot into the spot currently dominated by Seedorf.

Check back in for a Champions League preview.