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Catania Wrap Up

I was bit uneasy with the lineup that Ancelotti (fresh hair cut and all) had put on the field for this game. I was shocked a to see that Maldini was given the nod to start, but as I thought about it I realized that Carlito was a genius. Giving Maldini the start would allow Ancelotti to evaluate his performance as well as allow time for recovery in case of another injury. If the Ol’Capitano starts next weekend then there will be a problem.

The game was not all that bad seeing that Milan dominated for most of it. The Catania goalie made some solid saves and Inzaghi was back to his old ways…OFFSIDE. I once read a quote that said Pippo Inzaghi was "born offside" and yesterday was a perfect example of why someone would say that. All and all not a bad performance just a bit unlucky, good games though from Brocchi, Nesta, and Seedorf. I hope the latter two can keep the quality performances running through next week, they will be key in the big final.

On a side note Ancelotti has requested that Sheva be brought back to Milan. The saga continues, I am honestly excited to see how this one plays out because someone is going to be a bit embarrassed with whatever happens here. I hope Ronaldinho and Sheva like each other because it looks more and more like they will be teammates…their goes the Planet.