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The calm before the storm

This week has been reasonably quite if you disregard the ever present and swirilng rumor mill. I can not imagine the rumor insanity that will strike in June. A quick recap of this week's player news and deals:

-Ambrosini penned a new deal which means he will be hanging around until 2010.

-Kaladze has been marked untransferable by Galliani but Berlusconi has been tight lipped, I wonder if Chelsea offer the golden boy back if Kaladze will still be so untransferable.

-Oddo has a said Milan was the move for him. Seems obvious considering he has made it to the first Champions League final of his career.

-Eto and Scheva were linked to Milan again and will probably continue to be all summer long.

Also in a bit of a comedic twist Daniel Bonera, Milans inexperienced, childish, and sometimes awful center back has demanded a win in Athens. Thanks Daniel...I am sure your teamates will greatly appreciate it.