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The nerves are starting to get the best of me as the day progresses. My focus has turned more and more away from my job and more and more on the big game tomorrow afternoon. I have been satifisied with news that Gattuso will be healthy and healed for Wednesday and even more satisfied with his letter to the fans on the Corriere Della Sera. The letter was a very well written (probably proofed by countless Milan brass) call out to the fans to bring their A game, so that the Rossoneri may do the same, really an admirable gesture from such a world class player.

On the other hand I have been very disatisfied with the lack of news on Paolo Maldini's injury. I am not saying that I expect to have his medical records in hand, but I wish their was something more about the injury. As a Milan fan I cannot bear to think that this could be one of his last games and that he may miss it with a knee injury THAT WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!!!

I am glad to see that Rio Ferdinand and Vujinic are back healthy so that Sir Alex cannot complain about his weakened side. I have always been a firm believer in dispensing proper beatings, and not the kind that you get becuase "so and so" was hurt. I do not feel that those two defenders match up all that well with Milan's forward players anyway, but are big improvement over "whats his name" from last week. Good Luck to Chelsea today, I am off to conjure up a feign illness to get me the rest of this day and tomorrow off so that I may bask in the Champions League glory.