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This is the way to Play

Milan brightened up my Easter weekend with their win over Empoli on Saturday. I will make this statement in full confidence; this is how to play soccer. Milan showed the world about what creativity is and how to create a chance out of seemingly nothing. When Milan play this way it is very difficult to beat them. They started the game a little shaky, but eventually settled down and took the control of the game and never let it go. Ronaldo had another solid performance in the red and black and I want to be the first to thank Real Madrid for selling him to us. Pirlo, kaka, and Gattuso also had good games. Ronaldo had one of his best goals in the 12th minute of the game. He took the defender, similar to Mancini vs. Lyon, with three misdirection moves and then hammered the ball into the upper right hand corner. It was one of the best goals of the season for Milan and one of the best in Seria A. Milan fans thought it was deja vu all over again when Saudati put one in the net with a great reaction shot. Less than a minute later Gila put Milan up with another great goal. It started with Ronaldo who flicked the ball up to Gilardinho who controlled it with his head and then scissor kicked it into the net. Milan was up one at the half and in full control of the game. Milan would another in the 78th thanks to a goal by Favalli. The game ended 3-1, but should have definitely been at least 5-1. Overall Milan had a great game and should continue to play at this level. The Man of the Match for me was Ronaldo and Kaka a distant second. As for the champions league game I will have a preview tomorrow.