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Milan 2 Bayern Munich 2

Well I'm back from my one month hiatus and I'm pretty pissed off. First of all Milan should have won the first leg against bayern, but like all season they failed to score on clear oppurtinites. I really don't understand why Ancelotti is still playing one striker when Milan clearly can't score with a 4-5-1 formation. They had to wait until the 40th minute for Pirlo to find the net on a fantastic header that floated into the net. Then Dida decides he needs to make the game more exiting and leaves an open net for Van Buyten to shoot at. The ref then procceds to give Milan a penalty(even as a Milan fan that was a bad call) that kaka sloted away to give Milan the 2-1 lead. At this point all the fans at the San Siro are jumping up and down wth joy and are getting ready to celebrate a much deserved victory when all of a sudden the Milan defense decides to take a little nap since the game is into the third minute of stoppage time and then BAM! a Goal for Bayern. Van Buyten with his second goal to tie the game at 2. To all my fellow Milan fans I wanted to cry too(a few tears did come out), but we need to keep our heads up beacuse Jankulovski said that Milan will go through to the next round. I sure hope so because the image of the rossoneri is being tarnished by the underachivement of this year.