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Some observations from Saturday

Strange lineup for Ancelotti, it seems as though he was unsure of his Wednesday line up or he was just getting some players some work. Not quite sure why he brought in Jankulovski, who has been playing fantastic as of late, and why would you insert Gourcuff for Ambrosini when you could have rested Seedorf who is in top form...I will say it again Ancelotti, enjoy your borrowed time.

I was refreshed to see Chrisitian Abbiatti looking to be in good form, and Dida continuing to look like a fish out of water. I just do not understand how a goalie so large and imposing can be so unmenacing on crosses and corners, his timing is atrocious. Bringing back Abbiatti would not be a terrible idea seeing that many still believe him to be the Azzuri heir apparent with Amelia. To bad Berlusconi was to busy bidding for Dida on EBAY.

Check back for the Man U preview when I have gathered enough courage and Heineken to write how I truly feel about the Red Devils...especially since they seemed to have closed out the Blues in the EPL this weekend as well.