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I would like to say thanks to Bob for his great live blog and with the help of I was able to keep very close track of what turned out to be a really good game, even though I was at work. I have not brought myself to watch the Tivo'd match yet because I am still a sour but I will watch it all soon enough. A few things that stuck out with me today was the Dida gaff early in the game which I was able to see on a highlight reel, I know his contract has been extended but I am beginning to wish Abbiatti was still around or that Buffon was in Milan's near future.

The second thing that can not be missed is the HUGE importance of Ringhio Gattuso, knowing he was carried off in a stretcher is very bothersome, and all the current news on the situation says that it is a foot injury that should be OK sooner than later. Brocchi is nowhere near in a class with Gattuso and this truly showed as the midfield began to open for Man U, not to mention the Brocchi botched pass led to the last minute goal against Milan which leads to my last point.

Ancelotti does not use subs as well as he should and at times gets more credits for his moves than he deserves. Bonera is just not that good and should not have been put into that situation. Kaladze's experience would have been much better suited for that spot. The more I think I about the more I wonder why Gourcuff did not replace Gattuso as well. I understand the role of Gattuso can only be filled by someone like Brocchi, but Gourcuff may have provided a different kind of style in that spot much like he did against the Celtic a few rounds ago.

These games always tend to get me into a should have, could have, would have mood, but when I digest game after game I can not help but be critical to a coach that has not delivered much since 2003...I have always thought that he was on borrowed time since the Istanbul nightmare.