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Cagliari Recap, Man U Preview

Thanks to the joy of Tivo I was finally able to watch Saturday's Milan and Cagliari match up. I have to admit the B squad worked well together. Cafu played a phenomenal game and was responsible for the first two Milan's goals. I still can not tell what was funnier Ronaldo's second goal or his appearence on the Simpsons. Anyone who has watched Ronaldo can't help but smile, and think how lucky he was that he caught the ball in the chest after mis-timing his leap but it was a creative goal none the less. There are not many words to describe Pirlo's goal, a blast that was placed absolutely perfect from a set piece. I do also want to take a second to compliment Suazo, the Cagliari captain, who I thought played a great game and had a great PK that left Kalac out to dry.

As for Man U, I have become officially nervous and ever since the infamous Milan Liverpool final those nerves may never ever go away. There is something about the English sides that scare me when they play against AC Milan. It is two completely different styles of play going head to head and doesn't always leave Italian teams on the winning end.

There has been some intersting respectful banter between both teams but you know when the game starts it is going to be a good one. I just hope Milan can hold off a fast Man U team, that will definetly try to run them into the ground. As always it is time to rely on Milan's wily experience and solid defense. FORZA MILAN!