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Gattuso and Manchester United

As a sit here at work with no clients on the calendar I have started to really think about the upcoming Champions League against Man U. This all started after I read an article on Channel 4, Football Italia that said that Gattuso has pleged to Milan but if he were to jump ship it would be to the Premier League, more specifically the Red Devils.

I have to admit picturing Gattuso in a jersey other than the Red and Black is a bit terrifying, mainly because he has become such a vital player in these big games. All I know is that if he is running all over the midfield winning balls and sufficating players like Cristiano Ronaldo, which is no small task, Milan will have a very good chance of earning a vital first leg draw. Maintaining compsure for the final ninety, not giving ridiculous set pieces and controlling the tempo would be a good game plan as well...but than again that is a good game plan for just about anyone.

On a side note, Champions League Soccer really delivers bang for your buck. Where else can you watch this many storied Clubs go head to a few times a month in some amazing matches. I just hope these two games live up to the billing like the past games have.