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Brace yourselves for Cagliari

Carlo Ancelotti seems to be conceding a tie already to lowly Cagliari. He is making it very clear that many of the stars will be rested on Saturday and that the Milan tifosi should not expect much. He seems to have the tendency to do this before big games so that he does not catch any flack from the press in case the squad has a bad showing. As a fan I understand that players need to be rested prior to a big game, especially one as big as Tuesdays tie with Man U. I just feel it is unncessary for him to take the wind out of game on Saturday before it has even started, considering the fact that a Milan B-Lineup includes players like Ronaldo; as a fan I am happy to see other players get an opportunity to play and contribute. Instead of downplaying the game he should take a page out of Arsene Wenger's book and hype the young lineup to generate some excitement.