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Milan beat Sampdoria

Milan continue their 13 game unbeaten streak in the seria A with a win. They took on a very formitable Sampdoria team who has in the past been very tought for Milan to beat, and they continued the trend.
It was a very lackluster affair between two struggeling Seria A teams. Palombo opeaned the game with a blistering attempt that hit the post and was later recoverd by Dida. In the tenth minute Massimo Oddo was sent off for a foul commited to a Sampdoria striker. This was a very touchy call, they were both josteling for the ball, after Oddo went to ground so did Bonazzoli. The game was later made even when Oliveria was sent off for a second yellow(nobody saw the first). When Pirlo entered the game, Milan seemed more active and threatning in their attack. A minute before the game ended Ambrosini gave Milan 3 points as he powered away from a defender and nodded the header home. Not the way I wanted to see Milan win, but a win is a win.