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Celtic 0-0 Milan: Good Outcome for Milan

The AC Milan v. Celtic game was the game I was looking forward to all month. It didn't fail to dissapoint, even thought it was a scoreless draw. It seemed the chances came every other minute. To sum it up as a whole it reminded me of the AC Milan v. Lyon game a few years back. Although the quality wasn't the same it was still as exciting to watch.

Both teams had quality chances to score, but nobody was able to break the deadlock. Seedorf was out with an injury and Ronaldo was ineligible to play. His presence was severly missed in front of goal. Gilardinho had a great chance to give Milan the lead, but came up just wide on his effort. Kaka fired an unbelivable shot from outside the 16 which was saved by Boruc. Gourcuff also had a great chance to take the lead, but wasn't able to find the back of the net. Gattuso had arguably the best chance to take the lead from a great ball from Kaka, but was unable to get the ball where he wanted it. The Celtic chances tended to come mostly from the dead ball and Nakamura. J.Vennegoor of Hesselink had a great chance to take the lead, but couldn't convert the chance into a goal.

This puts Celtic in to an almost no-win situation at the San Siro. Milan, who in the past have been flawless at the San Siro during champions League matches, are in a great positon to move into the round of 8. With San Siro cleared for play they should have a very big crowd behind them on March 7th. With the way Milan has been playing this year it is still up in the air for them to advance, but the wind is blowing in their favor. I just hope that the March 7th game is as entertaining as yesterday's encounter.