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Please Play Gourcuff!!!

Since the arrival of Yoann Goucuff I thought that they would finally start to look more towards the future and incorporate the younger players into the system. That has not happened yet this season, besides some rare appearance from Gourcuff and Aubameyang.

This is my plea to Ancelotti to play Gourcuff instead of Seedorf. Relax Seedorf fans, I plan to make my reason's known. The first reason and most important reason is that Seedorf style is not consistant with the style of play that Milan are used to. When Milan is going on the counter-attack Seedorf tends to want to slow the pace of the game down for some reason. One of the main reasons that Milan has been so effective in the past years is that they beat teams with the pace that they went at teams. Now with Seedorf wanting to slow down the pace every chance he gets it's really hurting the team. I have seen it a houndred times this year; Pirlo touches the ball to Seedorf, Seedorf holds on to the ball when Oddo or Cafu or Jankulovski are running down the touch lines and then Seedorf decides that he wants to slow the pace down so he holds on, gives it back to Pirlo and then Pirlo has no other options than to give it back to Seedorf. Don't get me wrong I'm not blaming it all on Seedorf, but he has been the one most out of form this year. Why would Milan want to slow down the pace of the game when they have players like Kaka and Oddo who have tremdous pace?

The second reason that I would play Goucuff over Seedorf is that Seedorf has been very inconsistant this season. He starts a game of wonderfully and then all of a sudden Seedorf dissappears into thin air and can't be seen until near the end of the game. He has turned to a playing style that is very inconsistant with the rest of the team. The only player that I can think of that has this style, with the skill of Seedorf, is Deco. Seedorf,as well as Deco, gets involved in the game only if his teamates get him involved. His inconsistancy isn't in only part's of the game it also takes place from game to game. He is the Dr. Jackly/Mr.Hyde of Milan. On a good day you see Seedorf playing at the level that many of us have groen to see and respect over the years, and the next day he play's like he just started palying at the pro level.

Ancelotti needs to give Gourcuff and oppurtunity to show what he has to offer at Milan. He has been dubbed as many as the next "Zizou", and if these so called experts say that he is the next Zidane then Ancelotti needs to give him a chance to show himself. With Goucuff's pace he would be a great addition to the starting 11, if he gets the chance, and can get a rythem going with the team. Why not give him a chance Ancelotti, PLEASE GIVE HIM A CHANCE!

Now that I'm done begging, I would like to make a prediction abou the upcoming match between Milan and Siena. I think a lot of you know where this will lead, but I'll say it anyway. Over the past few year's Milan has manhandled Siena with dominating wins. For this game I don't think much will change. Milan will control most of the game, as they have done the whole year, and struggle to get a goal and once they find the net then the goals should fly in from that point. Ronaldo will score his first goal for Milan, Gila will continue his form of late and score his 8th of the season and Kaka will return to formm with a goal of his own. Final score 3-1 Milan.