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How big of an impact will Ronaldo really have?

Everybody's heard about the Ronaldo to Milan transfer. There has been mixed reactions by the Italian media as well as the Spanish media to the move. In his first appearance for Milan, Ronaldo played a solid game, but failed to find the net. Saturday against Siena Ronaldo will make his first start in the red and black. The biggest question about this tranfer has been will it be "fat Ronaldo" or will it be the Ronaldo of old that show-up in Milan.

Ronaldo is recovering from knee surgery he had a couple of months ago, but has seemed to have recovered rather well from the procedure. If Ronald gets the supply that Milan are capable of then he won't have a problem scoring goals for the Rossonerri. If the supply to the forwards is at it has been all of this season(besides the first four games) then Ronald will find himself in a position that Inzaghi and Gilardinho have found themselves in. The big difference between these three forwards is that both Gila and Pippo are more of poachers(Gila not as much) than Ronaldo. Ronaldo has the ability to change the whole complexion of a game,as he did against Ghana, with one touch of the ball. Bottom line I believe that Ronaldo will only make an impact if he can return to half of the form that he had during his prime,he is only 29, then he can change the whole season for the Rossoneri. A person can't change the world, but they can change the course of history.