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Ronaldinho or Eto'o to Milan?

First of all, I am the new blogger on the AC Milan site at My name is Andrea Mata, but i will use Mata as my nickname. I would like to thank Bob and Matt for giving me the opportuinty to voice my opinions about my favorite team.

Now to the interesting stuff. Recently I read that Samuel Eto'o had a falling out with manager Frank Rijkaard and fellow teammate Ronaldhino. Eto'o was upset that they both criticized him for not wanting to be subbed in during the second-half of the Barcalona-Racing Santador match. This apparently hit a big nerve with Eto'o and caused him to disclose some information that tells a lot about the current conflict in the Barca locker room.

If this is all true then this could mean that either Ronaldinho or Eto'o might want a move away from the Camp Nou. This leads to the question about weather Milan should attempt to buy either player or even both. Seeing how Milan have put Ronaldinho as their top priority during the summer transfer window, this could mean that Ronaldinho could possibly make a move to the San Siro. I think if they have the option of choosing who to purchase, then Ronaldinho will be in Milan come summertime. Milan could afford this by possibly moving Kaka to Real for a hefty price tag, if real are willing to pay. The second option could be that they may just include Kaka in the deal For Ronaldinho(or Eto'o) to lower the price.

The other thing I wanted to comment about is the supposed Zebina deal. If this rumor is true then I think that Milan have taken a good amount of heat off themselves by signing a quality right back. It will prevent them from making a overpriced buy beacuse of a defender going down halfway through the season.